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En-Turf™ 6L Bundle

En-Turf™ 6L Bundle

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En-Turf™ is a turfgrass-optimized bundle of our En-Guard™ and En-Fix™ microbial inoculant products. Our proprietary formulations of precision-engineered, plant growth-promoting beneficial bacteria support healthier, fuller, and more resilient turfgrass.  

Improve Turfgrass Health: Enhances nutrient cycling, nitrogen uptake, and root growth to support fuller, greener, and healthier turfgrass
Increase Nutrient Uptake: Supports soil fertility and root and stem health, allowing the turfgrass to absorb and break down more nutrients
Enhance Plant Resilience: Stimulates natural plant processes to increase tolerance to biotic and abiotic stressors such as pathogens, drought, and salinity
Accelerate Grass Establishment: Increases root and aerial biomass when used as a seed treatment including winter grass overseeding

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  • This En-Turf™ bundle includes 1L of En-Guard™ and 1L of En-Fix™ which covers approximately 1 acre of turfgrass
  • Just mix, dilute, and spray!
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Made in Canada

  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
  • Enhance Stress Resilience
  • Quick & Easy Application
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Product Information

Active Ingredients

  • Stutzerimonas - 1 x 109 CFU/ml
  • Pseudomonas - 1 x 109 CFU/ml

Highlighted Benefits

  • Easy application that works within your current turfgrass maintenance program
  • Beneficial microbes colonize inside the plants and roots, supporting long-term turfgrass vigor with potential to reduce fungicide, pesticide, nitrogen fertilizer, and other agro-chemical use 
  • Contains environmentally-friendly, ECOCERT certified inputs approved for organic agriculture

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