Promote Plant Growth with Earth Microbial

Feel confident with your management plan with microbial inoculants


En-Turf is a turfgrass optimized bundle of our En-Guard and En-Fix microbial inoculants.

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  • Microbial Agriculture

    Promote Health

    Improve the overall health and stress-resistance to drought, salt and other environmental stress

  • Protect Plants

    Protect crops & plants from pathogens and diseases in a safe, sustainable, proactive manner

  • Propel Growth

    Helps with your management plan to cut back on synthetic applications without comprising growth

  • Provide Nitrogen

    Reduce expensive fertilizers and help meet CO2 reduction requirements

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  • Tomatoes

    21% increase in total yield of field sweet pepper (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2018 Trial)

  • Bok Choy

    41% increase in fresh weight of bok choy (Internal Growth Chamber Data)

  • Ornamentals

    10% increase in growth improvements in fresh shoot weight of petunias (Greenhouse Commercial Trial Data)

  • Cucumbers

    12% increase in fresh shoot weight of cucumbers (Internal Greenhouse Data)

  • Soy

    75% increase in the number of pods

    55% increase in chlorophyll in leaves (Internal Growing Chamber Data)

  • And much more

    • Wheat
    • Grass (Turf)
    • Lettuce

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Microbial Agriculture

"Using En-Stim™ we saw immediate improvement in the root growth, larger fruit, increased yields and even a reduction of blossom end-rot"

- Emilio Mastronardi, Ridge Farms

  • Microbial Agriculture
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to advance the science of microbials to help solve global food security challenges.


    We promote the application of microbial science to agricultural practices that enable farmers to improve soil health, increase crop yields and protect the environment.

  • Microbial Agriculture