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En-Fix™ is a microbial inoculant product containing non-pathogenic, non-toxic, naturally occurring soil bacteria, designed to enhance nitrogen fixation and absorption of phosphate and iron in plants. Our proprietary formulations of precision-engineered, plant growth-promoting beneficial bacteria support healthier, fuller, and more resilient plants.

Promote Nitrogen Fixation: Reduces nitrogen fertilizer requirements
Increase Nutrient Uptake: Supports soil fertility and root and stem health, allowing the plants to absorb and break down more nutrients resulting in increased chlorophyll concentration and aerial biomass of N, P, Ca, Mg, and S 
Enhance Plant Resilience: Stimulates natural plant processes to increase tolerance to abiotic stressors such as pathogens, drought, and salinity
Optimize Harvests: Reduces time-to-harvest, enhances crop quality, and increases aerial biomass and harvest yield

Made in Canada

  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
  • Enhance Stress Resilience
  • Quick & Easy Application
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Product Information

Active Ingredients

Stutzerimonas - 1 x 109 CFU/ml

Highlighted Benefits

  • Beneficial microbes colonize inside the plants and roots, supporting long-term plant vigor with potential to reduce fungicide, pesticide, nitrogen fertilizer, and other agro-chemical use 
  • Contains environmentally-friendly, ECOCERT certified inputs approved for organic agriculture

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